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City at Night

Evening Valparaíso

At sunset the bay view is a gift with the lights coming from the hills unfolding a romantic and melancholic beauty. At night the city becomes very attractive and the bohemia "Porteña" converges in a variety of different places like bars, pubs, coffees ("cafés") and restaurants where you can have fun and relax.

Some interesting Restaurants are:


Pasta e Vino Restaurant, located in 352 "Templeman", "Concepción" Hill, you need to book in advance,it it opens at 20:00 hrs .from Wednesday to Saturday. In the same hill is Turri Restaurant, a white and old house in "Paseo Gervasoni".

The Samsara Restaurant is located in "Almirante Montt" Street number 427, it has Thai Food.

The Poblenou is located in 476 "Urriola" Street, has "tablas and tortillas". Urriola 383 Restaurant, serves "pastas".

If you like french food, you need to go to Le Filou D´Montpelier, in 382 "Almirante Montt" Street.

Apolo 77 Restaurant is at "Alegre" Hill, 77 Pasaje Apolo, it has oriental food. Gato Tuerto Restaurant is in "Bellavista" Hill, 205 "Hector Calvo" offers oriental food, coffee and a bookshop.

Ganesha Restaurant situated in 328 "Almirante Montt" Street, at "Concepción" Hill has Hindu food.

La Colombina Restaurant located in 91 "Pasaje Apolo", in "Alegre" Hill; here you can eat good fish and sea food.

The Brighton Hotel has Spanish food, situated in 153 "Atkinson" Street, at "Concepción" Hill, with a beautiful view of "Aníbal Pinto" Square.

In he surroundings, out of the touristic Valparaíso there are other restaurants:

Portofino Restaurant located in 301 "Bellamar" Street, in "Esperanza" Hill, here you can eat delicious fish food.

O´Higgins Restaurant situated in 506 "Almirante Barroso" Street, for typical Chilean food.

Rincón de Martín Restaurant located in 1872 "Pedro Montt".

El Castillo Restaurant located in 714 Waddington Street.

Rincón de las Guitarras Restaurant situated in 431 "Freire" Street.

For Typical Chilean places

El Cinzano

"Portales" and "El Membrillo" Coves or "Cardonal Market" to have lunch with good fish and sea food.

For old Restaurants in Valparaíso: Cinzano Bar and Restaurant located in 1182 "Aníbal Pinto" Square. Offers tango and music shows.

The J. Cruz Martínez Restaurant located in 1466 "Condell" Street. Offers typical food of the Port like "Chorrillana", it has fried onion, eggs, meat, French fries and "chorizo".

The Bar Inglés located in 851 "Cochrane" where older customers have their own glasses.

La Playa situated in 567 "Serrano" Street, it was open in 1903, here you can eat, dance and listen music.

Places to drink coffee or tea

El Cinzano

Café 8 y Medio is located in 642 "Almirante Montt" Street, it is also a bar.

Café Casa Montealegre situated in 584 "Montealegre", there are two rooms, one for exhibitions and other for meditation.

Café Vinilo located in 448 "Almirante Montt".

El Desayunador situated in 399 "Almirante Montt". It serves a variey of natural juices, sandwiches and you can also find books.

Lavanda Café located in 454 "Almirante Montt" Street. It has an art gallery and a laundry.

The main Bars and Pubs

El Huevo located in 1386 "Blanco" Street.

El Irlandés situated in 1279 "Blanco" it offers.

Cervecería del Puerto, located in 1136 "Blanco" Street, also with a variety of Beer offer.

La Piedra Feliz located in 1054 "Errázuriz" Avenue, where you can enjoy music.

Journal Restaurant situated in 81 "Cochrane". Here people dance tango and has live music. It is mainly for adults.

Pubs and Discotheques

La Locomotora located in 337 "Cochrane".

Pagano situated in 236 "Blanco" Street.

Exodo located in 298 "Blanco".

Stocolmo situated in 557 "Cochrane" Street.

Bar La Torre located in 2390 "Brasil" Avenue. It is a big place with two rooms.

El Coyote Quemado located in 144 Ecuador Raise.

El Liverpool situated in 138 Ecuador Raise.

Near the "Aníbal Pinto" Square is El Trolley Bar in 93 "Cumming" Street. With a decoration similar to a trolley, the electric buses that still run today in Valparaíso streets.

Gato en la Ventana located in "Cumming" Street, is a folkloric place where Latin American music is played.

La Máscara Discotheque located in "Aníbal Pinto" Square, where Anglo music is heard.

Bar Pajarito situated in 1433 "Salvador Donoso" Street. Open since 1893, here you can eat, listen to music and shows.

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