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General Information

Valparaíso city, the capital of the V Region is on the Pacific coast. Situated 120 kms. Norhwest from Santiago. The Region surface is of 16.396.1 square kms.

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How to get There

It has two ways of direct access. The first entry is by route 68, which ends in the well-known street "Santos Ossa". The second is by "Camino La Pólvora".

Both ways connect Valparaíso Port with Santiago city. From Santiago to Valparaíso it takes a one and a half hour drive. Valparaíso can also be accessed from Viña del Mar by "España" Avenue, comercial buses, cars and trucks that go to the port use this entrance


City Day

Valparaíso has a Mediterranean climate, with a long dry season in summer, between October and April, and cold and rainy winters, between June and August. Between May and August, the average temperature is 11.4ºC. In summer the average temperature is about 17ºC. Tmperature at the coast in summer is lower than in the valleys, while in winter the coast is warmer than the valleys.

The temperature has not wide variations. Between May and August, the average temperature is 11.4ºC. In January the average temperature is about 17ºC. Anyway, the temperature in the coast in the summer months is lower than the temperature in the valleys, meanwhile in winter the coast is warmer than the valleys.

Travelling Around?

City Day

This region has two airports, one is Torquemada in Viña del Mar and Mataveri in Easter Island. Torquemada has been closed for about two years. National or foreign passengers who choose the air route must arrive through Santiago's airport that is the nearest one. Many tourist arrive by sea in cruises coming from different parts of the world.

The cheapest option is by bus, from Santiago, or other cities. There is a Bus Station.

The best way to travel inside Valparaíso and Viña del Mar is by local buses or "micros" and "taxis colectivos", that are cars that have rutes similar to local buses, but are shared by few people, this helps in the abrupt geography especially in the hill areas.

To visit the inner parts of the region, the best way is taking the urban train MERVAL, it travels between Valparaíso Port and "San Francisco de Limache", and goes through Quilpué, Villa Alemana and Peñablanca towns.

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Great Events

New Year at Sea

New Year in the Sea

The most important celebration in the city is New Years Eve. In fact, Valparaíso is world wide known for hosting impressive fireworks along the Bay, enjoying an unforgettable New Years Eve, this event lasts around 30 minutes.

Saint Peter´s Celebration

An important celebration for "San Pedro", the Fishermen´s protector, it takes place on June 29th. Processions are done in all coves of the region, but in Valparaíso is the main celebration. It stars in " El Membrillo" Cove at the bottom of "Playa Ancha" Hill, crossing "Portales" Cove and finishing at the Church in " Artillería" Hill.

Cultural Valparaíso Carnivals

A Great International Cultural Event. Every year a different country is selected and all artistic demonstrations occurs around it, it is held on December 27th and 30th.

Cinema Festival in Valparaíso

Valparaíso is opened for the art of cinema, during August. Then it is possible to enjoy a variety of national and international movies.

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