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"Playa Ancha" Area

This area includes the hills and hillsides. It is a wide hill, and people use to call it Independent Republic of "Playa Ancha". It has shops, banks, squares, wide streets and a University.

The "Torpederas" Beach


It is a picturesque bathing beach. At the beginning it was a cove used only by the "Changos", years later Valparaíso´s citizen started coming to the cove. In the XIX century a big shed to keep the boats was built. The beach activity increase and restaurants, toilets, and other services that gave value to the beach were built.



Vista Aérea Estadio Municipal

Municipal Stadium

Inaugurated on December 25th 1931 in "Playa Ancha" Hill between UPLA and Navy School. It has a capacity for fourteen thousand seating persons and twenty thousand people using the whole enclosure. The Team that plays as local is "Santiago Wanderers", the oldest team in the country.

University of Valparaíso

The University of Valparaíso was created after 1981. Initially it had three Faculties: Architecture, Medicine and Law. Nowadays, the University has expanded and extended in surface, creating new academic areas and sports dependences.

Membrillo Cove

Caleta El Membrillo

The cove has an important Port activity. With country houses and restaurants. In June it recovers importance at Saint Peter´s Procession and also in September for "The Fishermen Bonfire".



Museo Naval

Naval and Maritime Museum

The Museum is near "Paseo 21 de Mayo", were The Navy School was between 1893 and 1967. This museum is divided in four different periods: Wars of Independence, War against the Peru-Bolivia Confederation, War against Spain and The Pacific War. In the second floor there are six thematic rooms for marines of the XX century.

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Sociber Dock

"Sociber" Dock

A main attraction in Valparaíso Port is the Dock in front of the coast, called "Sociber". This Dock has a function of fix and repair ships. When this Dock is working fills water reservoirs and then submerges and a ship goes inside, later the Dock take out water and rises, and starting to working.

Membrillo Cove ► Membrillo Cove.

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