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Financial District

This area is from Victoria Square to "Sotomayor" Square. The main streets are; "Esmeralda, Prat and Condell".

It has a commercial zone, with interesting places and the most important are:

Aníbal Pinto Square

Aníbal Pinto Square

It was declared typical zone and protected in 1976, surrounded by big and historic buildings. This is one of the down towns in the city.

One of the main attractions in the square is the Neptune Fountain "Fuente Neptuno" it was set there in 1892.

From this square you can go to the touristic "Alegre" Hill or to old buildings such as The Life Cooperative and Cinzano Café.


Edificio del Reloj Turri

Located at the conjunction of Esmeralda, Lord Cochrane, Prat and Gómez Carreño Streets.

The "Turri" clock was built in 1929. The first name was "Kings Cross", because in that place Mr. Gaspar de Reyes had his storerooms. Later on a storm razed the construction and many people died, in their memories a cross that was called "Kings Cross" was set up. It is an old building down town at the Port that has a clock at the top of it and can be seen from everywhere in the city.

Lyon Palace

This Palace was built in 1881 by Carlos Von Molke. The first owner was Carlos Lyon. It has an important historic value for its classic style and has more than 50 rooms with baroque tendencies. In the first floor is located The Museum of Natural History and in the basement is the Municipal Art Gallery.

Building of the Newspaper "El Mercurio de Valparaíso"

"El Mercurio" Newspaper has been here since 1901, it was the first newspaper in Spanish language. Nowadays, the newspaper is placed in 1002 "Esmeralda" Street.

Hammersley Optic

It is one of the oldest optics in the country. It was settled in Valparaíso more than 100 years ago and in 1976 it was declared Historic Monument.

At the beginning this building was called "Modern Optic", but with the death of the owner Roberto Hammersley, his widow Emma Hempel, leaved the property to her two sons, who finally called the optic as "Hammersley Optic".

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Aníbal Pinto Square ► Aníbal Pinto Square.
Prat Street

Prat Street

This is one of the principal streets in this sector. In the past, it was called Custom Street ("Calle Aduana") or "Comercio" Street.

"Prat" Street is close to "Esmeralda" Street. The street was named after the Heroes of the Naval Combat of Iquique.

The buildings have very European styles. Almost all the banks are in this street.

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