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Pablo Neruda

Sebastiana House

Sebastiana House

The Museum House "La Sebastiana" is located in 692 "Ferrari" Street, it has a special importance because this was the house of the famous National Poet Pablo Neruda, he bought this place in 1959.

Before he lived here, this place was property of Sebastian Collado, who started the construction but did not finish it. Neruda bought the place and finished the house using rejected and recycled objects that gave life to this place.

Pablo Neruda loved Valparaíso, and he usually visited this house in the New Year and National Holidays in September. This was a very important place for him.

Pablo Neruda was communist, and in 1973 with the Military Coup, the house was plundered.

Later the Pablo Neruda's Foundation repaired and preserved the house. Nowadays the house is administered by this foundation. It is a Cultural Centre and has a room for one hundred persons, where it is possible to see theatre, cinema, paintings, and also where poetry and literature have a space.

The Museum is opened from:



Ticket Price

Tuesday to Sunday

(General) 10:10 a 18:00 hrs.


$1.500 (Chilean students and old people. For Chilean)

Tuesday to Sunday

(Summer) 10:30 a 18:50 hrs.


Sebastiana House

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“Sonet X”

May your statuesque hips in the

water make

a new measure-a swan, a lily-, as

you float

your form through that eternal


In: One hundred Love Sonnets

(Translated by Stephen Tapscott)

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