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La Araucanía

Pucón Ski Centre

Valle Pucón

Pucon Ski Centre is located at 20 minutes from the town of Pucon, in the south of Chile. This is a beautiful city in La Araucania Region. Pucon is situated 789 kilometers from Santiago, and 112 kilometers from Temuco. This Centre has a very good infrastructure for the practice of the ski and snowboard, with specific facilities for the organization of the most important International Competitions. The Ski Pucon is situated inside the Villarrica National Park, and in the hillsides of Villarrica Volcano. You can ski between trees.

The town of Pucon is internationally known for its natural beauty and exciting activities, which includes visits to volcanic caves, rafting in the Trancura river, expeditions to the Villarrica Volcano, fly fishing, horseback riding excursions, bike excursions across mountains and forest, visit to thermal swimming pools, falls and lakes.

Pucón is one of the destinations with the major variety of tourist attractions in Chile.

Services and Infrastructure

  • 20 tracks for all levels.
  • 9 ski lifts.
  • Restaurant, coffee and bar.
  • Ski Boutique.
  • Ski and Snowboard School.
  • Photographer.
  • Equipment Rental.
Ticket Price Season
High Low
Adult $18.000 $13.000
1/2 Day Adult $15.000 $11.000
Child $13.000 $9.500
1/2 Day Child $11.000 $8.000
Senior $10.000 $7.500
1/2 Day Senior $8.000 $5.000


It is very easy to go to Pucon. You can accede to Pucon by plane, bus or car.

By plane, in Pucon Airport only arrive flies from Santiago, in summer (January and February) and some long weekends. It gets in one hour.

The rest of the year, it is possible to go from Santiago to Temuco Airport. There are flies every day.

By bus and car, in Temuco there are Bus Stations, if you want to go to Pucon, the Bus Station is in the down town, every 15 minutes there is a bus. The distance between Temuco City and Pucon town is 112 kilometers, it gets in 90 minutes. Also it is possible to rent a car in Temuco or in Pucon.

There are three ways to gets to Pucon

Go from the North: It is the road that connects Santiago with Temuco, the Pan-American Route (Ruta 5 Sur), and then turn to the left, in Freire Town is the road to Villarrica and Pucon. The distance between Santiago to Pucon is 789 kilometers, and the journey is 9 or 10 hours.

Go from the South: The road that joins Puerto Montt City (the capital of Los Lagos Region) with Freire Town is the Pan-American Route (Ruta 5), here turn to the right to Villarrica and Pucon. The distance is 340 kilometers, it gets in 5 hours.

Go from the East: This road joins San Martin de Los Andes (in Argentina) with Pucon. The distance between the two towns is 242 kilometers. The custom is Mamuil-Malal, also known as Tromen. There are 100 kilometers of debris and you go through of Araucarias Forest.

Corralco Lodge and Ski Resort


Corralco is located in the Malalcahuello-Nalcas National Reserve, it is surrounded by beautiful Araucarias forest, sceneries and the Lonquimay Volcano. This Centre is in the Araucania Region. The Resort has 200 hectares, with tracks for beginners and experts.

Santiago the capital of Chile is 700 kilometers away, Temuco City the capital of the Araucania Region, is only at 120 kilometers. The Corralco Resort is about 90 minutes from the Airport of Temuco. Concepción, another big City in the South area, it is at 280 kilometers from Corralco and 3,5 hours, here also there is an Airport.

There are 7 tracks, all maintained for the best competitions and ski events in the winter season. The ground lifts allow an easy access to the tracks.

The Lodge has accommodations and a Restaurant.


  • Equipment Rental.
  • Ski and Snowboard School.
  • Mini School.
  • Day Care.
  • Snow Garden.
  • Coffee.
  • Parking.
Ticket Price
Adult 1/2 Day Adult Child/Senior 1/2 Day Child/Senior
$16.000 $13.000 $12.000 $10.000


Go from Santiago City:

By plane: Go from Santiago to Temuco Airport. If you book in advance, the Resort can send you a transfer to the Airport, and pick up you.

By car: The distance among Santiago to Corralco Resort is 718 kilometers. It is the road that connects Santiago with Victoria City, the Pan-American Route (Ruta 5 Sur), in that place turn to the left, go through Curacautin City and Malalcahuello town, and then turn to the left again 9 kilometers.

Go from Temuco City:

The distance among Temuco and Corralco Resort is the 120 kilometers. Go out of Temuco to the North by the Pan-American Route (Ruta 5), and in Lautaro town turn to the right, go through Curacautin and Malalcahuello, and then turn to the left, 9 kilometers.

Go from Concepcion City:

The distance among Concepcion and Corralco Resort is 280 kilometers. Go out of Concepcion until the Pan-American Route (Ruta 5 Sur). In Victoria turn to the left, and go through Curacautin and Malalcahuello, then again turn to the left 9 kilometers.

All the routes are pavement until Malalcahuello Town.

Ski Pucón

Ski Pucón

Ski Pucón

Ski Pucón

Ski Pucón






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