Tips and Codes

Valle Nevado

Basic equipment of skis, boots and poles can be rented in all ski centres. Repair and waxing services can be found in most centres.

Thermal and waterproof suits are recommended, for skiing and snowboarding. Sun glasses with UV filter and sunblock are essential.

Skier responsability code and safety tips:

  • Ski in authorized places only.
  • Peoples ahead of you hace the right of way. People down hill have the preference.
  • Choose your tracks according to your ability level, and stay in control.
  • Observe all posted signs and warmings in the ski area, and along the tracks.
  • Respect the others and never put them in danger.
  • Respect all rules for your own sake as well as for the sake of other.
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Skiing and lift tickets can be for daily use or as season pass.

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Ski Portillo

Ski Portillo

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