Marina Avenue

It is the prolongation of “España” Avenue and goes near the sea. It starts in the Floral Clock, in “Abarca” Cove and ends in 1 North Avenue. It is a wide Street with a great vehicle movement. The Avenue has a Promenade that goes next to the coast.

Perú Avenue

Perú Avenue

This road, built around 1930 very near the sea, suffered the marine erosion, which led a coastal strengthening and road rebuilding. Beautiful houses and buildings were built aside the road. It has five blocks and a wide sidewalk with benches. From this avenue you can have a beautiful view of the sea and the city.

San Martín Avenue

Parallel to Peru Avenue. It is one of the most important Avenues in the city. It is usually very crowded especially in summer. Here you can find many restaurants, bars and “cafés”.

Libertad Avenue

Libertad Avenue

It goes from the Marga Marga River to the north. This Avenue starts in 1 Norte Avenue and ends in 15 Norte Street. Surrounded by old trees called “Platanos Orientales”.
One of the most important Avenues in the city with wide sidewalks.

Valparaíso Avenue

This Avenue crosses the entire city from east to west. Years ago this was the road that joined Valparaiso with Quillota city. In 1930 this Avenue was totally rebuilt with shops and buildings. It also has many galleries as Florida, Arcadia, De Cristal and Fontana.

Quinta Vergara and Vergara Palace

Quinta Vergara and Vergara Palace

At the beginning of XIX century it was property of Juan Antonio de la Carrera and his wife. He sold these lands to the Portuguese Merchant Francisco Salvador Alvarez in 1840, and he built here his house.

His wife Dolores Perez loved plants and vegetation and began cultivating them in her own garden. Their son, Salvador Alvarez, inherited the property. He was a sailor and travelled around the world to the East and Australia. He brought back plants and trees from his trips.

After he died, his granddaughter Mercedes Alvarez became the owner of this property. Later she married with Jose Francisco Vergara, founder of Viña del Mar in 1874.
After their daughter Blanca Vergara remained with the “Quinta”.

The 1906 earthquake destroyed the house. Blanca built a Palace, that was finished in 1910 by the architect Hector Petri, with a Venetian style.

Nowadays, on the first floor of the Palace is the “Bellas Artes” Museum, with national and international pieces of art.

José Francisco Vergara Square

José Francisco Vergara Square

Located in the center of the city. Surrounded by colored gardens with a variety of flowers. It is the principal squares of the city. with a monument of José Francisco Vergara and a fountain.

Abarca Cove Beach

This is one of the most crowded beach in Valparaiso Region and also the most central beach in the city. Surrounded by Recreo Hill, The Capuchin Church, Nice buildings that at the “Castillo” Hill and the elegant “Miramar” Sheraton Hotel.

It is a good beach for taking a bath.


Valparaíso Sporting Club

Valparaíso Sporting Club

Horse races in Chile started in 1860. In 1882 Valparaiso Sporting Club was approved by the Government. Later in 1936 there were races only during summer, a year later they were extended to spring, and nowadays, they are all year round.

It has a modern racecourse with high technology.

Located in 404 “Los Castaños” Avenue. The Club has 124 hectares of green areas.


Complex Sausalito Lake

Placed in “Sausalito” Avenue, it was owned by the Vergara family.

A large artificial lake, “Laguna Sausalito”, was built for the high water requirements of the vineyards, as prevention for water shortages.

An excellent tourist complex with tennis courts, swimming pools, boating, sandy beaches, water skiing, restaurants and many entertainments for adults and children was developed.

This lake is adjacent to “Sausalito” Stadium of Viña del Mar, that was built in 1929. Today is Everton Football Team of Viña del Mar home, among many other sporting events.

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