Reñaca Area

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This area is set in the coastal zone starting in 15 “Norte” Street. Here is the “Jorge Montt” Avenue also known like “The Salinas straight line”. In this place are the Facilities of the Navy of Chile. First it is the Armament School this has a Museum of Cannons outdoors. Then it is the Naval Church and at the top is the Naval Hospital.

In the bottom is the Naval Stadium. Many years ago here there was a “salina” a place where the water of the sea was remaining and later this was evaporated and only kept the salt. This place was named after “Las Salinas”.

In front of the Naval area there is a beach called "Los Marineros". Then, to the North is the "Salinas" Beach, here there are restaurants, toilets and parking.

Continuing towards the North, for the same way we arrived in Reñaca Beach. Here you can find Restaurants, Hotels, Shops and Supermarkets.

Reñaca Area

The people started to come to this beach at the beginning of the XX century. The son of Dolores Alvarez and José Francisco Vergara began to urbanize this area. It was built the first buildings here, in 1912 but just in the middle of the 60’s Reñaca began to be an important beach.

Nowadays, Reñaca is a bathing beach. In this place different sport tournaments and musical recitals are held during the summer. In front of the beach there are Restaurants, Pubs, Ice-cream Shops, “Cafés”, Hotels and Motels.

Going to the North by the coastal road it is the "Montemar Puntilla" and the Institute of Marine Biology of the Valparaiso University, very near it is "Cochoa"Beach.

Towards the North it is located the Belvedere where is possible to see the Marine Wolves ("Mirador de Lobos Marinos"), here there is a parking.

In "Concón" there is a beach called "Playa Amarilla".

The coastal road ends in the Bridge of Aconcagua River, this place is called "La Boca", this is a commercial area you can find Restaurants, and taste fish and sea food.

Amarilla Beach

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