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Viña del Mar receives international tourism, particularly those who love beaches. Viña, located over hills, is surrounded by good roads and beautiful panoramic, picturesque buildings with balconies, and elegant hotels and restaurants with different international gastronomic possibilities.

Among its main attractions include:

Brunet Castle

Built by the architect Alfredo Azancot. It has a Medieval Style that remembers the Gothic Romantic French period.

The Brunet Castle was bought by the Chilean Police in 1974, and was called “Police Palace of Viña del Mar”. It is used for celebrating social parties and other important activities. Located in 104 Iberia Street at Castillo Hill.

Wulff Castle

Wulff Castle

Gustavo Wulff, a German Merchant, ordered its building, with a beautiful German and French style, beside the Pacific sea.

Initially, in 1906, the house was built with stones, later in 1920 a tower and a new part of the house, with an English style were added.

When Mr. Wulff died, the Castle was owned by Esperanza Abarca Matta.

Nowadays is an Historic Monument, and it is property of the Viña del Mar City Council.

Cap Ducal Hotel and Restaurant

It was founded in 1936. This building has an especial architecture because it simulates a ship.

A beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean can be seen from its balconies. Is located in 51 Marina Avenue.

The Sheraton Miramar Hotel

The Sheraton Miramar Hotel

Placed in Cove “Abarca” Beach, this Hotel has swimming pools, restaurants and different entertainments.

It was the second five stars hotel in the city, inaugurated at the end of 2005.

Located in 15 Marina Avenue.




Acapulco Beach

Acapulco Beach

This beach starts in 8 Norte Street and finishes in Vergara Pier. As it is located near downtown, Acapulco Beach is frequented by tourism. It is surrounded by high buildings and beautiful gardens.

Vergara Pier

Vergara Pier

Was inaugurated in 1938. At the beginning was a coal loading area. Later it was used by CRAV (The Sugar Refinery Industry).

It was rebuilt in 1983. The aim of this was to promote the tourism in the place. Is located between two beaches.

Near the Vergara Pier there are many activities like: restaurants, sport areas, playground, a craft fair and beaches.


Restaurants, Bars and Pubs

Restaurants, Bars and Pubs

In San Martin Avenue there are a variety of food alternatives:

Diego’s Pizza is located in 636 San Martin Avenue, where you can taste different pizzas.

Domino’s Pizza situated in 570 San Martin Av.

El Gaucho is located in 435 San Martin Av., here you can eat different styles of meat.

Dolce Vita situated in 640 San Martin Av., and San Marco also in 597 San Martin Av., where you can taste Italian food.

El Majo is located in 469 San Martin Av., and El Flamenco also in 477 San Martin Av., here you can eat Spanish food.

Different food styles can be found in:

Cuernavaca located in 501 San Martin Av.

Fornoni also in 529 San Martin Av.

Chez Gerald is situated in 496 Peru Avenue.

Ankara Bar is located in 476 San Martin Av.

Ole Karaoke located in 611 San Martin Av., as the name indicates there is karaoke.

Enjoy del Mar situated in 100 Peru Avenue, it offers a beautiful view.

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