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Rioja Palace

This beautiful Palace is located in 214 Quillota Street. At the beginning was surrounded by parks, stables, a theatre outdoor, swimming pools and tennis courts.

Was built in 1906 by the architect Alfredo Azancot, who was contract by Fernando Rioja, founder of the Chilean Tobacco Company, to build the palace.

The Palace and part of the gardens were bought by the City Council of Viña del Mar, today the Municipal Conservatoire of Music called Isidor Handler is placed there.

Francisco Fonck Museum

Francisco Fonck Museum

Situated in 4 Norte Street 784.

Founded in 1937 as an Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum to preserve, investigate, spread and teach the natural heritage of Chile.

It was named Franz Fonck honouring this German doctor who was a pioneer in archaeological activity. It includes material from Chile, Peru and Ecuador. There are many objects from Easter Island. In the garden of the Museum there is a “Moai, typical stone carved sculpture from Easter Island. It is one of the six “Moais” which are outside “Isla de Pascua” (Easter Island).

The second floor is the Museum of Natural History, including birds, insects, mammals and minerals.



Square Liberator Bernardo O’Higgins

Situated in Libertad Avenue, between 13 and 14 Norte.

Initially this place was the green area of the city and a Coliseum. It had a theater and several fields to enjoy with the family and friends. But in 1970 it was destroyed and the square was rebuilt.

Marina Arauco Shopping Centre

Marina Arauco Shopping Centre

Located in Libertad Avenue and 2 Oriente Street, between 14 and 15 Norte Street.
This Shopping has more than 2000 parking, 150 shops, 6 cinemas rooms, Bowling, games and many small restaurants.

Journal Coffee

It is located in the corner of Agua Santa and Alvarez Avenues. A place for adults and young people. I has an interesting architecture, decoration and music. Most tourists prefer this “café”.

Our Lady of Agony Church

Our Lady of Agony Church

This church known as Viña del Mar Parish, is located in “Alvarez” Avenue corner Parish Square.

Was built in 1882 and donated by Dolores Pérez de Alvarez.

The church was destroyed with the 1906 earthquake and was rebuilt in 1912.

"Bellas Artes" Museum

Located 563 – 596 “Errazuriz” Avenue, on the first floor of Vergara Palace.

This Museum is open from: Tuesday to Sunday

Between 10:00 to 13:30 and 15:00 to 17:30 hours.

It has free admission.

Club Viña del Mar

Located in front of the Sucre Square. It was inaugurated in 1908.

It is a private club, but open to the community and is used for cultural activities or social events.

O’Higgins Hotel

It is located in front of José Francisco Vergara Square.

The O’Higgins Hotel was found around 60 years ago. Important national and foreign celebrities visit it early. It is a classic European styled Hotel. Placed near Viña del Mar Casino, the Shopping Centre and also beautiful beaches.

This Hotel has 256 rooms, halls for events, meetings and buffets.

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