Araucania and Lakes

An area with numerous volcanoes and a great number of hot spring centers offering relaxing and healthy treatments. Each Hot Spring Center is placed in magnificent environments, surrounded by lakes, forests, fauna and a unique native flora. A variety of styles and sophistication degrees are offered, from the most luxurious to the most rustic. Whichever you choose, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience. Here are some of the most important Hot Springs:

Puyehue Hot Springs: Located at The Lakes Region, in the midst of The Andes Mountain Range, within the Puyehue National Park. It has 117.000 hectares of exceptional native forest. Situated at 50 minutes from Osorno city. Access is via the International road that runs between Chile and Argentina, surrounding Puyehue Lake, were magnificent views of the Volcanoes of the area can be seen.

Puyehue Thermal Springs is an exclusive tourist complex "All Inclusive", the only one in the zone. It offers accommodations in an excellent 5 stars Hotel, a complete Thermal Spa, and a variety of outdoor activities, like trekking, mountain bike, horseback riding, etc. It also offers various indoor and special cultural activities. In its various restaurants and bars you can enjoy chilean and International cuisine.

Telephone contact:
(56-02) 2936000 or 600-293-6000.
For international calls:
(56-64) 331400.

Aguas calientes Hot Springs: Located in the heart of Puyehue National Park. Access via International road that runs to San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina). An excellent and complete infrastructure, with fully equipped cabins, camp sites, games, and all you need to enjoy with the family. It is surrounded by forests, volcanoes, rivers and lakes, favoring other activities outdoors like canopy, mountain bike, expeditions, ski and fishing.

Information and reservations phone:
(56-64) 331710, Aguas Calientes.
(56-64) 236988, Osorno.

Pemehue Hot Springs: Access is by a road that surrounds the great Malleco National Reserve and ends in Pemehue Hot Springs. Located 82 kms. East of Collipulli and 182 kms. Northeast from Temuco (capital of the region), on the south side of Renaico River. The last 15 kms. of the road are accessible only in summer.

Landscapes are astonishing, these beautiful thermal springs located next to native forest have a water temperature of 50ºC. And are at 700 mts. above sea level. There are five thermal baths and one rustic swimming pool. There is a camp site and trekking, excursions and horseback riding are recommended.

Tolhuaca Hot Springs: Situated 35 kms. North of Curacautín. Access is via Victoria- Curacautín road or from Panamerican Highway via Inspector Fernández, 4 kms. North of Victoria, this route takes you through the Tolhuaca National Park. At an altitude of 1.020 mts. The thermal waters originate in a deep crack of Dillo River, where a cavern was formed by geysers and steam hypothermal. There are open air pools, one with hydro-massage facilities, a building with 8 individual tubs, 2 family tubs, 3 double tubs, and springs with water at 90ºC. Steam baths can be taken in an open grotto in the mountain. The large hotel has rooms with private bathrooms, a wide selection of food, and room services. There is also a camp site. Many outdoor activities are offered like: trekking, horseback riding, walks, excursions to waterfalls and fishing.

Day ticket price:
Adult $ 8,000
Child $ 4,000
Groups $ 5,000 (p/p)
Campsite is $ 8,000 for a site up to 6 persons.

, every site has table, showers with hot water, toilets and light.

Contact phone:
(56-45) 8811211.
information in the Hot Springs office at 240 Calama street, Curacautín.

Manzanar Hot Springs: Located 18 kms. East of Curacautín and 74 kms. from Lautaro. Access is via Victoria - Curacautín road. At 680 mts. above sea level. There are two open air pools with water temperature up to 48ºC, 10 individual cubicles, thermal tubs in some of the rooms and three rooms with thermal jacuzzi. The Hotel has a restaurant, coffee shop and children's playroom. Outdoor activities include excursions, walks and fishing in the Cautín River.

Open all year round, although access is occasionally limited by snow during the winter.

Information phone:
(56-45) 881200.

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Courtesy Termas Aguas Calientes
Courtesy Termas Aguas Calientes.

Courtesy Termas Aguas Calientes
Courtesy Termas Aguas Calientes.