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El Corazón Hot Springs: Located 7 kms. northeast of The Andes city at 900 mts. above sea level. Access is from International Highway (Route 60) via The Andes, then follow the detour to San Esteban. Microclimate kidness and excellent infrastructure warrants this Thermal Resort as a great alternative to relax and recover energy in a peaceful environment.

Water temperature is 21ºC and are characterized as oligometalic, hypotonic, bicarbonate and sulfatade. It is open all year round. In addition the baths and hydro-massage, there are many activities like excursions, visits to the town were interesting crafts and local food are offered.

Colina Hot Springs: Situated in the Metropolitan Region, at 40 kms. from Santiago city. It is own by the Army, but they are open to the public. In the past, these springs were known as "Aguas Calientes" and later as "Peldehue" Hot Springs. The Thermal Resort offers swimming pools, individual tubs, jacuzzi and sauna. A camp site and picnic area with a particular flora and fauna is recommended. The Hotel is opened all year round.

Baños Morales Hot Springs: They are in the Metropolitan Region, located in "Cajón del Maipo", at 1,800 m.a.s.l. on The Andes Mountain Range. Enclosed by hills three swimming pools of yellow earth thermal water combines with the surroundings landscapes. Thermal tubs, mud and steam baths can be alternated with long excursions and mountain trekking. Accommodations are offered by a hostel. A camp site is also available.

It is open all year round, but is convenient to check the road conditions in winter.

Baños Colina Hot Springs: Placed in the Metropolitan Region, located in "Cajón del Maipo" at 3,500 m.a.s.l. on The Andes Mountain Range. With natural water pools they have a capacity for 20 individuals. The area is ideal for excursions, horseback, trekking, etc. It is open all year round with a camp site. Nevertheless, sometimes the weather is bad and forces to close.

Cauquenes Hot Springs: They are located in Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins Region (VI), at 117 kms. south of Santiago.Access road runs parallel to Cachapoal River were beautiful scenes of The Andes Mountain and local flora are seen. Just 1 1/2 hour drive from Santiago. Cauquenes Hot Springs are formed by the confluence of three rivers Pelambre, El Solitario and El Corrimiento. The magnificent landscape and therapeutic properties of these hot springs are well known.

Accommodations are available in the Hotel and apartments, with a nice restaurant, and a big hall for baths. All the complex stands out for its beauty.

Information at:
(56-72) 899 010.

Del Flaco Hot Springs: "Termas del Flaco" Hotel is located 77 kms. east of San Fernando city at 1,720 m.a.s.l. Water temperature is around 57ºC. Thermal natural waters promote health, and their effects are well known in respiratory and bone affections. Swimmings pools are surrounded by beautiful natural settings and interesting, archaeological discoveries of petrified fingerprints from dinosaur and her baby.

Open from December to April.

Phone contact:
(56-72) 71 1832, San Fernando.
(56-32) 2- 710186, Viña del Mar.
(56-2) 638 2257, Santiago.

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Courtesy Termas Aguas Calientes
Courtesy Termas Aguas Calientes.

Courtesy Termas Coñaripe
Courtesy Termas Coñaripe.