North Area or “Norte Chico Area”

Chusmiza Hot Springs: They are located in Tarapaca zone, at 3,650 meters above sea level, at 149 kms. from Iquique city and 80 kms. from Huara. This Hot Springs are in a rocky and narrow cliff environment. Water temperature is of 42.6ºC. A variety of swimming pools, thermal tubs, mud baths, steam baths and accommodation are offered at Chusmiza. The unique altiplanic landscape surrounds this beautiful area. Trekking is suggested as well as making a visit to the Spring Water Bottling Company that was founded in 1927.

Contact phone at Munata Cottage:
09- 872 56 57 (Humberto Carvajal)

Mamiña Hot Springs: Are surrounded by hills that descend from The Andes Mountains. We find this astonishing oasis at the "Pampa del Tamarugal", at an altitude of 2.500 mts. Mamiña is at 125 kms. east from Iquique city and 73 kms. from Pozo Almonte.

Healing properties of these waters were already known by the Incas. Mamiña means “girl of my eyes”, and the story says that an Incas chief daughter recovered her sight after bathing in these magic waters. Thermal baths, mud baths, restaurants and nice accommodations are offered at Mamiña.

Macaya Hot Springs: Placed at 3.200 mts of altitude, they are located 200 mts out of Macaya town, in a gully that can be seen from the road. It offers accommodations, camp site, picnic areas and is opened all year round.

Pica Hot Springs: Located 62 kms. north of Pozo Almonte at Pica town. Pica lemon fruit gave the name to the town. These hot springs are well known for its healing waters and for being a thermal spring oasis in the middle of the desert. In a natural cave of volcanic rock is found Cocha or "Baños Resbaladeros", the most known swimming pool.

Puritama Hot Springs: Situated 30 kms. north of San Pedro town, besides Geyser of El Tatio road. “Puri” means water and “tama” hot. Natural pools are found in a deep stream, of hot thermal waters coming from Puritama river, with a medium temperature of 30°C.

For many years this thermal springs were used only by inhabitants of the zone. Nowadays, some of them are property of Explora Hotel, which together with the Council of Atacameños People, manage the place. A variety of natural swimming pools, pools with waterfalls, sauna, and individual thermal tubs are offered.

Socos Hot Springs: Placed near Ovalle City 370 kms. north of Santiago. Access is from the North Panamerican Highway (Ruta 5 Norte), or Gabriela Mistral Airport, at La Serena City.

These thermal springs are specially recommended for people with circulatory, rheumatism and others health problems. Therapeutic properties of these healing waters are based on its rich mineral composition of bromide, iodine, magnesium. and sodium.

The surroundings offer interesting archaeological sites, with ancient trees, and a visit to Talinay and Fray Jorge Parks, with their unique flora and fauna.

Contact phone:
Termas of Socos Hotel: (56-53) 1982505 in Ovalle city
Santiago (56-2) 236 33 36.
Panamericana Norte, km. 370.

Thermal Springs
Courtesy Termas Aguas Calientes.