South Coast

To the south of Valparaiso Region there is a road that starts in Quintay and ends in Rocas de Santo Domingo Resort. This road has many interesting places to visit such as Algarrobo, which is a quite beach, with many places to stay.

Isla Negra, the place of Neruda's House (the famous Chilean poet). This house is now an interesting Museum of Neruda's collections.

The traditional beach of Cartagena was the most visited by Chilean aristocracy at the beginning of the 1900.

This area has several Resorts, and it is the place where you can enjoy the perfect combination between vegetation and beaches. There are also places more urbanized like San Antonio, an important city and the second port of the country.


costa sur Quintay

This is a fishermen cove. It is located 47 kilometres south of Valparaiso.

This place held Quintay whaler, built by INDUS Company and inaugurated in 1943. This whaler was open until 1967, when the Chilean Government signed the agreement that forbidden whales hunting. At its pick, around 1000 workers lived here. The first inhabitants of this area still remind the bad smell that existed here, as many whales died and float next to the shore.

Nowadays, the ex- whaler is a Museum. As part of the Museum is the School of Sciences of the "Universidad del Desarrollo".

Another important place that exists in this area is the fishing cove, this is a very picturesque site.

In Quintay cove the main restaurants are "Pezcazadores", "Acuario" and "La Pica de Don Mario".

Quintay is a good place for resting, relaxing, fishing, diving and enjoying the beautiful landscapes.



costa sur Tunquén

This beautiful village is part of Algarrobo County

It is an especial place for people that love nature. This place has a long beach of 2 kilometres of extension, surrounded by high hills.

Tunquen is the only beach in the area that is not a resort. Nevertheless, many people came and built their houses here.


El Yeco

This place is situated in the rural part of Algarrobo County. El Yeco is located to south of Tunquen, before Mirasol Beach.

This area was named as a duck called "Yeco", and the beach took the name of this duck. El Yeco has two beautiful beaches, the most popular is "Del Cura", with white sands and very quiet water, good for practicing nautical sports as surf and swim.

In this place is possible to appreciate beautiful summer houses.



Mirasol is situated north of Algarrobo, located in a plateau on a cliff, from this place you can have a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and also the towns around that area. Mirasol has a beautiful beach with yellow sands, many houses, a cultural centre called "La Capilla", and also an Art Gallery.

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San Alfonso del Mar

south coast San Alfonso del Mar

It is an original tourist complex. This place is located near Algarrobo city. San Alfonso del Mar has apartments with beautiful views, a lake with 8 kilometres of extension, private beaches for each construction and also a beach under roof

Children, teenagers, adults and seniors enjoy in San Alfonso del Mar